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Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders

In Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders, the best 5 Commadares are given below Constantine

1. Saladin

2. Khan

3. Alexander

4. Richard

5. Yi Seong-Gye

In the game of commanders, Richard I is without a doubt one of the strongest.

A strong leader, his remarkable robustness enables him to lead infantry units well.

A good candidate for F-2-P is Richard I because he quickly appears in any kingdom, and he performs well both in open-field and garrison situations. In days 35-40 of the event, he first appears and players can purchase it using gems. If you want his skills to be maximized, dedicate all of the golden sculptures you have.

As a result of his excellent resistance, it is one of the most used commanders for the first KvK event.

The active skill “Soul of the Crusader” reduces all damage taken by enemies.

The “Chivalry” effect, on the other hand, applies to all unit types while Richard is serving as the garrison commander, increasing the damage reduction being delivered to units led by Richard.

As Richard leads the garrison, “The Lionheart” receives the maximum 15% increase in attack and resistance for infantry. “Battle-hardened” improves the healing effect on Richard to 30% and reduces the attack on our watchtower to 30% while Richard leads the garrison.

He can reduce the damage suffered by his army in battles with “Tyrannical Lion” and his cavalry units will suffer debuffs to damage and march speed.

Even Cao Cao’s versatility is great for varied choices. This makes him the best F2P player for deploying a Civilization with cavalry units.

The Gold Keys are available to us at the tavern of our city anytime throughout the year. There is a small chance you will get him, but you can definitely invest your golden sculpture in him, so you can maximize his value. He’s a great choice for F2P because of his excellent PVE and PVP performance.

As a result of his superb skill trees and talent trees, he is the fastest commander in the game, excellent at chasing after and escaping battles, and also enhances any cavalry unit he is in command of.

A lot of damage is dealt by Dragon Rider, the active skill. In addition, it further decreases the damage of the target by 40%, thereby becoming a highly effective skill all around.

“The Qingzhou Army” is perfect for defeating barbarian forts. This skill increases damage done to neutral units by 50%, which is ideal for defeating barbarians.

Cavalry March Speed increases by 10%, Cavalry Attack increases by 30%, as a result of “Tiger Knight”, one of the best cavalry passive skills.

Thanks to his skill “Lofty Ambition”, Cao Cao heals his units while in combat and restores their rage quickly.

Cavalry attacks are increased by 25% and troop defense is reduced by 10% when using the expertise skill “Emperor Wu of Wei”.

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Pros & Cons


The Cavalry Commander is one of the fastest commanders in the game.

His quickness and skills will allow him to flee from battle quickly and chase after enemies.

You can use his active skill to deal tons of damage to any type of unit you face.

As a troop healer, he can heal troops.

PVE as well as PVP benefit from his versatility, talents, and skills.


Only one target can be targeted by him, with no AOE ability.
Fast commanders are not allowed to use their best weapon, speed, during ‘Hold Position’ combats.
A man’s worst enemy is an infantryman. In long battles, Cao Cao suffers a great deal of damage since he does not have much resistance.

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